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Implementation of a Reliable VUI System on Edge Device
Jeongin Kim  Paul Angelo Oroceo  Wansu Lim
Vol. 47, No. 8, pp. 1185-1192, Aug. 2022
On the Improved Particle Filter by Mahalanobis Distance Consideration
Jeong-hun Park  Wansu Lim  Yeon-Mo Yang
Vol. 46, No. 6, pp. 1023-1029, Jun. 2021
Co-Estimation of SoC and SoP Using BiLSTM
Kumbayoni Lalu Muh  Angela C. Caliwag  Il-Soo Jeon  Wansu Lim
Vol. 46, No. 2, pp. 314-323, Feb. 2021